Hearing Tips

That Extra Healthy Lifestyle: Why is It Good for Your Hearing?

By: Web Doc : February 15, 2018

How does your lifestyle affect your hearing health? Find out why there is a connection and what you can do to protect your ears.

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Is It True That The Noise in My Ears Gets Worse at Bedtime?

By: Web Doc : February 8, 2018

Does the ringing in your ears get worse at night? It’s a common complaint for people with tinnitus but why does it happen and what can you do about it?

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The Special Problems of Single-Sided Deafness

By: Web Doc : February 1, 2018

What happens when you are only able to hear with one ear? It’s a condition called single-sided hearing loss and it does come with some unique challenges.

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How Can I Know Whether I Have Hearing Loss?

By: Web Doc : January 25, 2018

The signs of hearing loss are subtle but they are there if you know what to look for and why.

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How Would Seasonal Allergies Mean Poor Hearing?

By: Web Doc : January 18, 2018

Allergies are a fact of life for more people than ever, but could it contribute to hearing problems?

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